Monday, February 23, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pharyngeal Arches

Thyroid Gland
Begin as an invagination at the foramen cecum. Descends inferiorly to its final position alongside the larynx. May be connected to the foramen cecum by the thyroglossal duct. Devided into 2 lateral lobes connected by an isthmus, from which a pyramidal lobe sometimes develops. Follicular cells are derived from the endoderm; parafollicular cells are derived from the ultimobranchial.

Clinical Correlate
Thyroid tissue is an aberrant location. Often the only thyroid tissue in the affected person. Susceptible to thyroid disease like normal thyroid tissue. May occur anywhere along the migratory pathway of the thyroid gland beginning at the foramen cecum. Usually located at the base of the tongue (lingual thyroid)
Common location include:
• Lingual thyroid
• Sublingual thyroid
• Thyroglossal duct remnant
• Anterior mediastinum
• Prelaryngeal
• Intralingual
• Intratracheal

Clinical Correlate
First reported as a condition characterized by micrognathia, cleft, palate, and glossoptosis. Now includes any condition with a series of anomalies caused by events initiated by singel malformation.
In this micrognathia, the inferior dental arch is posterior to the superior arch. The cleft palate may affect the heart and soft palate. Glossoptosis (posterior displacement of the tongue) may cause air way obstruction or abnea. The mandible usually grows fairy quickly during childhood. Multiple surgeries typically needed to correct the cleft palate and to aid speech development in children.

Clinical Correlate

A hereditary condition affecting the head and neck. Thought to be caused by a defect in the gene or chromosome 5. Children of an affected parent have a 50% risk of having the syndrome.

Clinical manisfestations include:
• Downslanting eyes
• Notching of the lower eyelids
• Hypoplastic mandible
• Hypoplastic Zygomatic bones (zygomas)
• Underdeveloped or malformed ears or "sideburns," or both, are prominent.

Common associated problems include:
• Hearing loss
• Eating/breathing difficulties
• Cleft palate


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